3pt Network

#1 app for passionate players.

#1 app for passionate players.

The 3pt app includes a strong global network of bloggers, trainers, coaches, retailers and camp promoters. As of summer 2013, the 3pt app is the largest mobile basketball network available for players and coaches!

Our mission is simple: Make something good for the game.

3pt Academy is a free discovery mobile app platform designed to enrich the lives and careers of aspiring basketball players and coaches. This is a tool, an on-going, always updating, mobile tool that allows anyone from anywhere to become educated and inspired about this great game.

Our unique mobile experience is great for young players, parents, and coaches. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


19 thoughts on “3pt Network

  1. Friends and family have all downloaded the app!

    My two little cousins, 7 and 8, are both quite the hoops players and will be using this for their training in their driveway!


  2. What a great idea. I presently reside in White Hall, Arkansas, and until August, 2006 lived my intire life in San Diego. I have a passion for teaching in several areas that could enhance the curriculum of your program. I have been pioneerig the role of the “sports motivation coach” since the early 1970’s, and have innovated efforts in such areas as: “Mental imagery (visualization/pretend practice) techniques”; “Hand-made mementos on “Remembering to be positive on and off the field/court”; and Handling stress through the concept “Hearty laffter is the best enthusiasm!” Do not hesitate contacting me for more information on these topics and a quality list of player, coach and adminsitrator references.

  3. This is a great app and a great site. I found this app about a week ago on twitter and have gotten so much out of it already. It will be great to put this stuff into work when our players get back on campus for the fall

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