8 steps to getting off the pine

Operation: Get off the bench

Ready to take your warm up off? Sick of riding the pine?

Here are 10 steps to gaining more playing time.

Step 1: The first step and the most important step is to never complain about it. Don’t let negativity creep out of your mouth

Step 2: Control your parents. Don’t let your parents yell at the coach about your playing time. This only makes things worse and embarresses you and makes everyone in the stands uncomfortable. If they want to schedule a private meeting that involves listening rather than telling, than so be it. But having a parent yell from the stands about you sitting the bench will not make you gain playing time.

Step 3: So if you are not complaining about playing time and your parents aren’t, what should you do? Well…perform. And I don’t mean score a lot of points. If you are looking to add value to your team winning and struggle on the offensive end, these next steps are for you.

Step 4: Rebound. Coaches love kids who stick their nose in the paint and grab rebounds. Rebounding takes absolutely no talent. Put a body on somebody by boxing them out and be resilient in pursuit of putting your hands on that ball. Possessions mean everything in basketball and if you can get your team 2 or 3 extra possessions per game…guess what? Your name will be called.

Step 5: Defense. Coaches always seek that 1 shut down defender their team needs. Let’s face it, this season you will go up against a decent scorer. Take the responsibility of shutting him down. Raise your hand when coach asks who wants to sacrfrice offensive output for a chance to chase and face guard a great scorer.

Step 6: Knowledge. Know the plays. You will be amazed this season how many of your teammates will mess up on plays. Knowing the play book is key. I can see it now, your coach calls a play, the player in front of you screws it up, coach gets all emotional and grabs your jersey from the sideline and says “get in there, he doesn’t know it”. All of a sudden that hour you took to understand the play concepts is paying off.

Step 7: Stay after practice. Without saying a word when your team heads into the lockeroom to shower after practice, hit the ball rack up, grab the ball boy and get some shots up. Your late night actions will not go unnoticed.

Step 8: Grades. Keep your grades up and always be eligible. Some of the players ahead of you might become ineligible due to poor grades.

Follow these steps and your opportunity of playing increases….


4 thoughts on “8 steps to getting off the pine

  1. When I stay after practice I usually shoot 10 free throws then 3’s in 5 spot 2 per spot. Knowing the play.. Yess! It is the key. Always focus and be attentive. Always ready your mind and body before practices, training, pick-up games or The Game. Play with heart. Put God first in what you are doing. That’s me. 🙂 God bless, keep it up!

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