How to hold a team meeting

“Players only” meetings can serve to be quite valuable when done with a purpose. Players feel more confident airing out their problems without coaches standing in the room, this could be a great opportunity to come together as a unit.

Trust me. There will be a time this year when you as the captain of the team will have to call a “players only meeting”

Here’s what you do…

1) What’s your agenda for the meeting? What is the 1 key message you must get across to your teammates? Define the purpose.

2) Address the needs and make it an open forum for all to chime in. Collaborate together to solve your problems.

3) Don’t have a time limit.  Sometimes talking freely as a team can take time to get everyone’s thoughts and feelings out. So make sure you set enough time aside to make it fair for everyone. Most player only meetings are spontaneous and right before a practice, this approach has proven to be unproductive. Not worrying about time will allow you to have a much more efficient meeting.

4) Come together. Redefine the teams goals and where you stand today. Address what it will take to get to the end goal.

5) Lastly, make sure everyone feels confident and comfortable with their roles and responsibilities. This will create trust and motivation if everyone is on the same page.


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