50 tips for an awesome basketball career

Here are 50 simple tips to have an awesome basketball career.

1) Strive to improve everyday

2) Drink more water

3) Stretch daily

4) Keep a basketball notebook

5) Read all the books you can about this game

6) Expect the best, prepare for the worst

7) Have a weekly plan

8) Consult with trustworthy experts

9) Get a mentor

10) Hire a personal basketball coach/trainer

11) Enjoy the small wins

12) Celebrate the big victories

13) Eat less junk food

14) Wake up before 6:00am

15) Always tell the truth to your coaches and teammates

16) Go to class

17) Think about your life beyond basketball

18) Put things in perspective

19) Don’t smoke marijuana

20) Smile and always be polite to your fans

21) Take the team out for fun ever so often

22) Schedule monthly 1 on 1 meetings with your head coach

23) Always be prepared for a game

24) Have a vision

25) Visualize daily

26) Make the extra pass

27) Dive on every loose ball

28) Always shake hands with the opponent after the game

29) Never get a technical

30) Have a short memory

31) Thank your parents often

32) Never think: “That can’t happen to me” because it can.

33) Know what your best asset is.

34) Have self-awareness

35) Push your body to be great

36) Speak less, listen more

37) Be mentally tough

38) Unplug your XBOX

39) Set tangible off season goals

40) Know your teammates inside and out

41) Mentor a younger player

42) Do community service

43) Seek knowledge daily

44) Never think you are too good

45) Study film

46) Watch basketball games on tv and take notes

47) Know the NCAA qualification guidelines (SAT/ACT qualifying scores) and get 200 points better than them.

48) Get to a summer camp with great teachers

49) Play less games in the off season and do more skill work

50) Lead by example not just by words.

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